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Growth Strategy, Marketing and Innovation towards a Distributed Future



How can you amplify your impact using communities?

What is your plan to enable your community to turn an opportunity into reality?

Grow and manage your community with transparency, based on trust and powered by a genuine sense of belonging. 



What are the incentives that will boost your customers?

What are the gaps in value creation to be filled with tangible rewards? 

Create and distribute value by building a tokenised micro-economy that will power your business model.



How can you increase your margins thanks to a tokenised ecosystem?

How can you reach new markets using blockchain technology?

Empower the current proposition unlocking previously unavailable strategies via a seamless incorporation of DLT. 



How can you leverage the empowering force driving decentralisation?

What can you execute using blockchain innovation?

Support and expand your marketing strategy through tokenised loyalty and other revolutionary ideas.


1. community

  • Identify, create, grow and manage communities to support open-source development, to attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts, or to increase brand loyalty.

  • Define how community members can be proactive and organically add value to your proposition.

  • Develop internal capabilities for community management.


2. tokens

  • Design tokenisation of existing processes, with the creation of gamified incentives-deterrents models to optimise supply chain management, performance management, or employee retention.

  • Embed digital assets into loyalty programs and in-app experience. 

  • Facilitate the development and in-house governance of digital assets. 


  • Assess and counsel on the adoption of existing blockchain projects for cost-effective tokenisation of legacy business.  

3. strategy

  • Analyse avenue for embedding DLT and tokenised architecture within existing business model, with or without the opportunity for a fundraise.

  • Evaluate relevant regulatory landscape to identify use cases to innovate or expand present offer with digital assets.

  • Identify strategies for process optimisation through the use of digital assets and more in general DLT and blockchain technology.

  • Advise and facilitate strategic partnerships, and operationalise the expansion of internal capabilities, including talent acquisition. 


4. marketing

  • Expand current positioning to cater for additional audiences to include digital assets enthusiasts. 

  • Prepare for and execute public fundraising events.

  • Design and execute campaigns backed by digital assets (airdrops, bounties).

  • Establish and manage social media channels for digital assets enthusiasts and open source community (Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Slack, Medium, etc.)




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