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We make growth Happen.

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We create pure, sustainable growth

In Buddhism, 'Accha' refers to being transparent, clear, and pure. In everyday life in India, 'Accha!' is an exclamation used to agree - just like saying 'Okay!'.


Accha Labs is a boutique consulting firm and fractional CXO office to help early stage startups and established companies to cleverly incorporate AI and Web3 into their core business in order to grow exponentially and sustainably. 

We Know Web3 and AI

We are a team of Web3 and AI OGs who have been designing and building ecosystems since 2016. We are experienced entrepreneurs with robust exposure to BigTech and enterprises. Our personal networks and deep insights into the Web3 and AI ecosystems give us invaluable ability to move on the cutting edge to deliver exceptional results.



Grow a community with a genuine sense of belonging.


Build micro-economies to power your business model.


Enable new strategies with Web3 and AI integration.


Improve marketing strategy while ensuring privacy.


Learn from top Web3 and AI executives to stay ahead in your industry.

LET's Grow 


How can you amplify your impact using communities?

How can you incorporate cutting edge tech in a safe way?


What are the incentives that will grow and engage your audience?

What are the gaps in value creation that AI and Web3 can fill now?


How can you increase your value and reach thanks to the AI and Web3 ecosystems?

How can you reach new markets using blockchain technology?


What will be the impact of not building using AI and Web3 today?

What can you really execute now using AI and Web3 technology?

Home: What we do: Community


Build and manage communities for open-source development, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and brand loyalty.


Encourage members to add value and develop internal community management capabilities.

Leverage GenAI to empower and enable your audience.

Home: What we do: Tokens


Tokenize and gamified user experience, embed digital assets into loyalty programs, and assess Web3 products to drive engagement.



Explore Web3 dApps and tokenised architecture in your business model, assess regulatory landscape for digital assets, find market opportunities and partnerships, and expand internal capabilities. Scope and realize value through GenAI applications and a thoughtful data strategy. 

Home: What we do: Strategy


Find and expand product-market-fit, execute product launches and fundraising events, run digital asset campaigns, manage social media channels, evaluate current marketing success and extract full value from a data-focused approach.

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